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“Is That Your Mom” No it’s My Fiancé” Has To Be One Of The Greatest Moments In Rough N Rowdy History #RNR

Written by schultzyca

The weighs before the fights for Rough N Rowdy are usually pretty fun, but this one might take the cake as one of the best moments of Rough N Rowdy history to date.

Marty asked a fighter named “Crazy Bird’ what the hell kind of name is that, if the older women in his corner who was just yelling was his mother. This response takes the best moment at Rough N Rowdy weigh in of all time to date of course.

Is everyone in West Virginia an inbreed? That is a legitimate question and I am not trying to be rude. This is a great. moment because I was fully prepared for him to say yes that is my mother or even sister. Marty’s reaction is priceless as well.

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