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Is Tayshia Lowkey Crazy? Bachelorette Week 5 Reaction

Written by mrbillylocks

In this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, we finally got to meet Tayshia Adams, the new Bachelorette, after Clare fell madly in love with Dale.

Don’t get me wrong, Tayshia is a DIME piece, but I’m getting strong crazy vibes from her. She kissed almost EVERY guy left in the house during the promos for future episodes. She is addicted to kissing! There were like 9 guys that “fell in love” with her from the looks of the future episode previews. There’s no way she’s not leading every guy on right now. That certainly should end well!

Since Clare fell head over heels for Dale, the guys were introduced to the new bachelorette, Tayshia. Did anyone else find it kind of odd that they all (except for Jason) fell for her so quick?? It’s almost as if Clare never existed. These guys fell for Tayshia IMMEDIATELY. I don’t blame them, she’s hot as fuck. But these guys quarantined for weeks to meet Clare and went through hell of her falling in love with Dale, and the moment Tayshia showed up, they all forgot about Clare.

With the addition of Tayshia to the show, they added a few more guys. The one who stuck out the most is Spencer. Tayshia had a great first impression with him coming out of the limo. Then the guy walked into the room, of all the guys who have lived together for weeks, and said, “Which one of y’all scared off Clare.”

The NUTS on that guy! He seems like Tayshia’s early favorite and doesn’t look like he’s there to make friends.

They then cut to Chris Harrison to talk to Clare and Dale. Thank God that only lasted 15 minutes. Sure, congratulations to them for “falling in love” but Dale! She’s crazy! Chris asked, “What’s next for you two? Marriage” Dale then tried to give a nice, clean answer to the question and Clare interrupted with “BABIES!” Bruh, red flag! But Dale still dropped an “I love you” to her and, if it truly is real, all power to them. The point of the show is to find love and if that’s what happened, then I guess it worked.

Back to Tayshia, she had a decision to make for the first one on one date, and she chose…. Brendan. WHO?? Did this guy even have a conversation with Clare in previous episodes?? He got maybe 30 seconds of screen time prior to this episode.

This guy spent most of his date trashing on Chris Harrison! Chris carried your date, Brendan! Sorry you couldn’t get your kiss in 10 minutes into the date! Brendan seems like he’s there for the right reason, but man does he come off weird on camera. Anyone who has to say “I truly think I’m husband material” probably isn’t husband material.

The star of the show, having to deal with a new bachelorette, was definitely Jason. Poor guy was forced to reveal secrets and feelings to Clare during his one on one date that he was completely uncomfortable sharing. He obviously had feelings for Clare because of how much he shared to her. Fuck Clare for KNOWING she loved Dale but still leading on Jason.

And don’t you dare come at Jason for being soft or any other slander along those lines. These guys signed up FOR CLARE and they switched up on her quicker than I could blink. My man Jason was man enough to confront Tayshia and tell her than he wasn’t able to fully commit to their relationship because he accomplished what he signed up to do, he fell in love with Clare.

My big sleeper of the night was Eazy, my favorite from the start. He seems like he can kick it with the boys and finesse the lady at the same time. He finally got a group date rose that was well deserved.

My hopeful prediction.. please keep Bennett on as long as possible. This guy is unapologetically preppy and it’s hilarious. Just pick him for the money. He definitely has some racks.

The next few weeks of The Bachelorette look to be pretty juicy, Tayshia has made out with almost every guy in the house, so my guess on who she picks could be ANYBODY.

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