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Is Steph Curry Banned From The 3 Point Contest?

Written by Jonathan Garner

Would the 3 point contest still be entertaining if the same person won every single year? I personally think that it would kind of be like a king of the hill type thing and if anyone can ever take him off the throne then it is a huge accomplishment. Although, something is telling me that the NBA is telling Steph not to participate in the event so someone else can win it. Everybody knows that he is the greatest shooter of all time, so they want someone else to get the spotlight for the night. Or does Steph feel that he has nothing else to prove so he doesn’t want to participate in it? The fact that KAT won the 3 point contest this year shows that they are spreading the wealth when it comes to the 3 point contest winner.

When Curry is hot, it does not matter where he is standing on the court, he will make the shot. It is almost as if he is a robot, it’s insane! He is the most electric and most exciting player to watch live that has ever played the sport. No man will ever exceed his talent beyond the arc, congratulations! Now lets all go back to witnessing history that is happening in this All Star Game.

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