Is Russell Westbrook going to the Lakers?

Written by Noah Gagnon

Shams bomb! Shams just tweeted out that the Wizards and Lakers are in talks on a deal that would send Russell Westbrook to the Lakers to play alongside AD and LeBron. Check it out.

Despite being a Nets fan and Laker hater, I actually think this is a good move for them. They’ve got two guys in LeBron and AD who are known for taking the foot off the gas in meaningless games, and Russ is the perfect solution for that. He’s the ultimate effort guy, so when it’s a Wednesday night in Memphis and Bron would rather be anywhere else in the world, Westbrook will still be grabbing triple-doubles and winning them games. The box scores of a Westbrook/James/Davis Laker team are gonna be hilarious some nights. It’s gonna be Russ putting up 25/12/11 on 30 shots while two of the league’s marquee players, LeBron and AD are gonna look like role guys on the stat sheet.

Let’s be honest though, despite this being a good move, the Lakers still have no shot at beating Brooklyn in a 7 game series. Absolutely no shot. They better hope somebody sticks their foot in Kyrie’s landing zone again, or else he’d literally make Russ look like a make-a-wish player defensively. This will be cool when Russ carries them in the regular season, but when he shoots 3-11 against the greatest offensive team the leagues ever seen, LeBron’s gonna yearn for the days of Kyrie.

All this being said I will root for Russ if it’s not against Brooklyn. He’s the ultimate effort guy and he deserves success. God bless.

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