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Is Riverboat Ron Going Down With a Sinking Ship?

Ron Rivera, head coach of the Washington Commanders is sick and tired of it. He’s tired of losing and most of all, he’s tired of having a losing culture. Rivera was a Super Bowl head coach in Carolina before he came to Washington.

Since his arrival, most fans would say Washington has taken steps forward, given their circumstances. This is no thanks to Dan Snyder. Many fans in the DMV and throughout the U.S. generally approve of Ron Rivera but generally disapprove of the team’s owner. In fact, many Twitter users like to use hashtags encouraging him to sell the team. Not only is he a terrible owner, but he has brought the team under investigation because of sexual assault issues.

But, this is the NFL, and Riverboat Ron know it only takes one thing to make everything else take the backseat; winning.

Long story short, Rivera is an excellent head coach who is working hard to build a winning team and a winning culture. If anyone can do it, he can. There’s only one problem; Dan Snyder. Ron is putting the pieces in place, but will Snyder sink the ship before it has a chance to float?

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