Is Pulse Therapy Safe?

This is one question that a lot of patients all over the world are asking. Here is your answer. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is safe enough, but not for everyone.

There are certain groups of people who should not try PEMF therapy. This does not mean that the electromagnetic fields or any of the PEMF devices are dangerous, however.

People Who Should Not Use PEMF Therapy

Some people should not use PEMF therapy, especially because of medical contradictions. This refers to a situation where a treatment, drug, or procedure should not be used because of how harmful it can be to the body. For instance, in pregnancy, some drugs are contraindicated because using them could result in birth defects.

When it comes to contraindication, there are two types. Relative contraindication, where there is a risk, but the drug or procedure can still be used if the benefit is much stronger than the risk it carries. However, absolute contraindication means that there is a high risk for fatal complications, and the treatment or procedure must be avoided to survive.

Even though PEMF therapy is generally safe, we cannot ignore the fact that there is one absolute contraindication. Patients with electrical implants should not be permitted to pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices, including devices like pemf therapy mats, insulin pumps, and pacemakers. The effect is that the electromagnetic pulses used in PEMF therapy may interfere with the device and cause massive failure during treatment.

PEMF therapy is also contraindicated in patients who have undergone organ transplants. After a successful organ transplant, there is every possibility that the recipient’s immune system may recognize the donor organ as foreign, eventually rejecting the organ. A major benefit of PEMF therapy is to improve immune response, so PEMF therapy is contraindicated in organ transplant patients.

Are PEMF Devices Safe To Use?

Some of the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy includes an increase in circulation, healing of wounds and fractures, improvement in oxygenation of the blood,  stroke rehabilitation, and relief from excruciating pains that may come from surgeries, autoimmune diseases, and others. There are many more benefits to enjoy from using PEMF devices.

Although, when it comes to researching PEMF therapy mats for sale, there are some questions people usually ask. How safe are these PRMF devices? Do they work? The response to these questions is hidden in research and PEMF reviews that describe the details and experiences of customers.

PEMF therapy mats work by triggering the healing process at the cellular level. Through the use of pulsed magnetic fields, the therapy is capable of treating scars from within the body to get to the root of the problem: cell damage. If at any point of the treatment, the flow of communication between the natural positive and negative charges in the body is disrupted, the cells break down too.

PEMF therapy is one procedure that can help restore these charges to their normal state, promoting the repair of cells and allowing for complete body functioning. Over the years, research using some of the PEMF devices has shown that pulsed electromagnetic therapy is a very safe and non-invasive alternative treatment with yielding results. If you are not certain if PEMF therapy is a great option for you, you should talk to your doctor.


If you are not an organ transplant patient, do not have an electrical implant, and you are not pregnant, you stand a good chance of getting improved overall health from pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMF therapy offers a lot of health benefits for the average person, athlete, or animal worldwide.  

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