Is Pat McAfee Going to Host a ‘Manningcast’-Style Show for Thursday Night Football?

In the last couple seasons, Peyton and Eli Manning brought in major success with the ‘Manningcast’ on Monday Night Football (MNF) for ESPN and ABC.

However, it appears that former NFL punter, WWE commentator/wrestler and popular sports YouTuber, Pat McAfee, could end up in the shot spot for a ‘MegaCast’ show similar to the Mannings’ for Thursday Night Football (TNF) on Amazon/Prime Video.

Although there is no deal as of yet between Amazon and McAfee per Front Office Sports, the potential ‘McAfee-Cast’ is going to be broadcasted at his home base in Indianapolis without having to travel to game. This format will be the same as how Peyton and Eli did their shows for MNF.

Amazon will be paying the NFL around $1 billion a year to be the home for TNF through the 2033 season.

Pending on Pat’s schedule, this may work out for all parties involved. If they do lure in McAfee to do their MegaCasts and their ratings skyrocket, the extra money spent towards Pat and NFL will be worth it.

In the main time in case you want to be hyped for a possible ‘McAfee-Cast,’ here is Pat’s best calls from his NFL broadcast:

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