Is Paintball too extreme for kids?


Paintball is undoubtedly an amazing activity. However, some people think of it as extreme sports due to the exhibition of fancy attire, shooting of paintballs and usage of awesome Paintball Guns. For this reason, they do not let their kids to have fun in the wonderful Paintball fields. For an extent, they are not fully wrong in their perspective. On the contrary, I would say that they need to re-align their thought process by listening to the other side of story.

Paintballs coming out of the barrel of a gun are having the velocity of almost 260-270 fps which is pretty high. Now consider being hit at your bare body by an object of this speed. Obviously, you will be shuddering by merely thinking about it. Therefore, there is a certain protective gear to protect you from the unwanted bruises and injuries during the Paintball. These include Paintball mask, gloves, elbow & knee pads and vests etc.

Are you safe while Paintballing?

Whenever, you will enter any Paintball field to play paintball, rest assured that you will not be allowed to play Paintball until you agree to adhere to the safety code. These basics of Paintball safety are ensured in the true letter and spirit worldwide. No Paintball field management will ever let you play without your safety gear especially the mask. This should increase your confidence on this activity that this is not just blind shooting; rather it is a properly managed sport that is governed under certain rules and obligations.

Having said that I will tell you that there are certain rules which you have to follow while playing this game. And, these rules ensure that you remain safe during the game. Two very important rules of this game dictate that you can’t shoot your opponent at a point blank range. Moreover, you can’t shoot the person who surrenders himself.

Is Paintball Safe for your kids?


Earlier, I have told you that Paintball is safe for you. By knowing this, you should imagine the level of safety measure taken for the kids. I can say with full confidence that you can send your kids for Paintball fields without any worries. Your children will be completely safe during this game.

However, still if you want to dig deep a little more to gain more confidence before sending your child to Paintball field then I have plenty of reasons to build your confidence level.

1. Age Restriction:

There is a certain age limit for paintball. This may vary as per the rules and regulations of each country. To be more specific, each state can have certain specific rules as per the age requirement. This thing ensures that children below certain age cannot play Paintball. These limits are kept to ensure that safety is ensured for the kids.

2. Worthy Opponents:

Paintball field management will ensure that your kids will play only against the kids of their age bracket. This will deny the opponents any advantage of age or experience.

3. Kids only Paintball Guns:


Special Paintball guns are available for the kids. These specifically designed guns are kept at a much lesser velocity. This ensures extra safety for the kids. However, this extra feature is not available in all the fields. Therefore, you should ask pre-hand to avoid any chances of confusion.

4. Safety Gear:

It is ensured at all times that your kids play with their safety gear on. Kids are never allowed to remove the Mask during the game. However, what is needed out of you is the mental grooming of your kids. Before sending them to the Paintball field, you must teach them that they must not remove the mask at any cost. It is for their safety.

5. Family get together:

Over the years, I have seen many families and friends renting any Paintball field to have a Family re-union. This way, whole family plays together and spend a quality time with each other. While doing this, you have the chance of keeping an eye on your child to make sure that he is safe. Once you will get enough confidence that your children are safe while playing Paintball then it will be easy for you to send your kids for playing paintball.

In the same context, I have seen families organizing Birthday parties and small family functions in the Paintball fields. It gives you precious memories for the times to come. If you are not playing regularly then at least try this, you will have a lot of fun.


I hope that you will be confident by now that Paintball is a safe game for your kids. Still, if you have any doubt, I urge you to take them to a filed under your personal supervision. Once you will play it together, I am sure that you will have a different approach towards Paintball. Happy Paintballing.

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