Is Novak Djokovic The Best Tennis Player Of All-Time?

Written by SpaceGhostChedd

Today Novak Djokovic won the 2021 French Open title, which gave him his 19th Major Win, and his 2nd Career Grand Slam (which is means he’s won all four Majors at least twice each). Rod Laver & Roy Emerson are the only others to win all four more than once. Djokovic defeated Stephanos Tsitsipas in a 5 set thriller, and came back from being down 0 sets to 2. This particular rally between the two was wild:

Novak is still one major win behind Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer for the all-time record of 20, but at this point it seems like he’ll pass them with ease. He’s the only one out of the ‘Big Three’ who hasn’t shown a significant decrease in skill due to father time. He’s also the youngest of the three at 34. Federer is 39 and his only shot to win another is if he has a lucky run at Wimbledon, as grass courts are his best surface. He pulled out of the French Open after making it to the third round because the clay puts too much strain on his knees, which he had two operations on in 2020, so he could focus on the major in London. Nadal on the other hand at 35 isn’t his old self as well and lost to Novak in the semi finals of the French Open last week. As the king of the clay courts, the French was/is Rafa’s best shot if he’s going to win another one, and Djokovic beat him in his castle. At this point Novak will be the clear favorite in every tournament that he’s in from now on, unless he suffers a significant set back or injury. It hard for me to admit, as I love Fed & Rafa and think that they’re so much more entertaining to watch and want to root for, but the conversation needs to be had if Novak might be the best tennis player ever. When it’s all send and done he’ll definitely have the most major wins, as I can see him winning at least 3 more to make it 22, if not more. He also holds the record for the most weeks as the world’s #1 tennis player. At the way he looks during this French Open, he doesn’t look he’s at any point of slowing down.

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