As we all know by now, Bill and Melinda Gates are going their separate ways, with Melina getting the convoy of Brinks’ trucks ready to haul away her big divorce payday. (Billion) “Dollar” Bill tweeted:

While the million billion-dollar question is how much Mel will take home with her, some people can’t help but ask “Is Melinda Gates office hot?” It’s been some time since I covered the office hot phenomenon (when I asked “Is Kim Yo Jong Office Hot?” so I’ll share a quick refresher definition from our friends at Urban Dictionary:

Someone who is defined as hot, but only because of the lack of options enforced by your place of work.

Being stuck in work tends to add 2 or 3 points in the “out of ten” rating system.Cheryl is looking office hot today. If she was in the street I probably wouldn’t look twice tho.

In Bill Gates’ case, he’d likely be lucky to land a date with the Sea Hag from the classic Popeye cartoons sans his dough, but that billion-dollar portfolio can be awfully attractive. That being said, was Melinda Gates’ main attraction the fact that she could have a conversation with Bill Gates without vomiting? Let’s set aside any nonsense such as they were a love match (after all, legend has it Melinda grew up with Apple products) and get to the superficial question of attractiveness.
The Sea Hag (left) meets legendary sailor Popeye (right)

Looking at one of Melinda and Billy Boy’s wedding photos shows she was at least “semi-good-looking” (as David Lee Roth famously sang in “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”) back 29 years ago. I’d definitely say she was office hot.

“Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot”

Father Time is a bastard so at 56, the years have not been so kind to Melinda and having to live with an (alleged) lizard person likely caused her to age beyond her years. Nonetheless, while she may no longer be office hot, Melinda may qualify for retirement community hot.

Is Obama blowing a kiss to Bill Gates?

What do you think? Is Melinda Gates office hot? Let me know in our comments section.


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