Is Lamar Jackson a Franchise Quarterback?

The wheels are starting to fall off in Baltimore and the scapegoat looks to be Lamar Jackson after the Ravens fall to the Tennessee Titans.

Like you, I was amazed by the MVP season he had just a year ago and now it looks like what I suspected is starting to happen. Jackson’s season last year was a season unlike any other.

Teams were trying to figure out how to defend the electric running ability Jackson possesses while defending his threats on the outside. It was something no team really figured out until this year.

So how do you defend Jackson? It is looking like you allow him to throw in order to beat the Ravens. I was one of a small group of people who did not think this type of offense was sustainable and I was correct.

I remember the Miami Dolphins break out the wildcat offense a few years back and everyone was quick to jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, everyone jumped off the wagon just as fast once teams figured out how to defend it.

Now come the Ravens who are still dangerous, but not as scary as they were last year. Another question for the Ravens has to be what Lamar Jackson is worth.

Last year, the Ravens and every team in the league were ready to give Jackson a massive payday. But how does a team pay a quarterback who’s style makes it hard to gauge?

If you pay Jackson franchise money, do you then try and protect your investment by not allowing him to run anymore? So your plan is to now protect him. He is an average drop back quarterback at best.

To make a comparison, Jackson has passed for 1,948 yards this season with 365 pass yards this Sunday. He just passed Dallas Cowboys quarterback this Sunday who has 1,856 yards passing.

The problem is Dak hasn’t played in the last 4 1/2 games and Dallas also had a bye week last week. If Jackson seeks franchise money, I’m not sure he gets it. A dynamic athlete playing quarterback has rarely worked in the NFL.

If Jackson can progress as a passer, he might be worth the money but it has not looked great on film so far this season.

If I am the Baltimore Ravens, I try and return to the running style that propelled them to the playoffs last season and look for a signal caller in this upcoming draft.

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