Is Jon Jones gonna fight for the UFC again?

Written by Noah Gagnon

So, I’m hanging around New Brunswick on this gloomy Monday morning, and I find myself doing my usual perusal of Jon Jones’ twitter, and man has this guy been on a tear lately. It appears he’s taken a break from his usual degenerative activities to hit the Twittersphere, and really talk himself up. Look at some of these bangers.

The man is really making it seem like he’s on the verge of becoming the heavyweight champion, but is this even gonna happen? He gave up his light heavyweight title because he wanted to move up to heavyweight, and now two years are gonna pass before we see him fight again. So does he actually plan to fight, or does he just want all of us to hype him up on social media for the next decade?

Plus, it’s not only a question of Is Jon gonna fight, it’s also a question of if he’s even allowed to fight? The guy was arrested like two months ago! Is the UFC just gonna turn the other cheek on that one? It’s kinda like the Deshaun Watson situation where we all know that the guy’s kind of a scumbag, but we also have no idea if they’re even allowed to compete in their sport or not.

In reality, this whole thing is just so frustrating because it’s awesome to watch Jon Jones fight, and he’s just pissing away years of his prime. I do actually think we’ll see Jon fight within the next year but for the fans, it’s kind of a lose-lose. If he loses, then we’ll never actually know if he lost because he’s past his prime, or if he was legitimately beat. And if he wins, we just have to accept the fact that we’ve been robbed of watching the best fighter ever for the last few years because of a million avoidable reasons. I just need this guy to get off Twitter and into the cage.

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