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Is Joel Embiid Unguardable?

Written by Jeffrey Iafrate

Philadelphia 76ers starting center Joel Embiid scored 50 points last night against the Chicago Bulls and had quite a few of things to say about his game in the postgame press conference, including how he’s impossible to guard because of his size mixed with being dominate on both sides of the ball.

Embiid stated how his mentality has a lot to do with his improved play this season, adding he wants to dominate every game entirely.

“It just feels like the game has slowed down for me. I’ll say the only difference this year from last year is not so much about coaching; it’s more about me being willing to just dominate every single minute I’m on the floor. It’s not about coaching, it’s about me turning a corner and being willing to do it every single night on defense and on offense.” said Embiid after the game.

It’s been known Embiid has struggled with staying consistent for how talented he is, if he continues this new mentality he can be a real issue. This season he already has himself in the MVP conversation and he’s gonna have to continue playing well for his team to be competitive especially in the post-season.

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