Will presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee “Creepy” Joe Biden show up at the wrong location for the 2020 Democratic Presidential Convention? While I have zero evidence he did or he will, Joe’s past gaffes have me wondering if “Sleepy Joe” might drive to Milwaukee’s Fiserv Arena rather than its relocated venue, the Wisconsin Center. That’s not the only potential problem, consider some of these hypotheticals:

Where’s that convention again? Jersey City is bigger than I thought…
  1. Joe Forgets the Convention is This Week: “Forgetful” Joe has been known to forget where he is (as seen in this video) so what if he’s at home when he takes the phone off the hook, angry that he can’t get a moment of peace before the convention. When is that convention again?

2. Joe Forgets Who Kamala Harris is and Has Security Escort Her Out of the Building. Far-fetched? Not when you consider Joe forgot what office he was running for.

3. Joe Plays Grab-Ass with Kamala Harris. “Creepy” Joe’s hands-on approach to women and children may finally land him in trouble, particularly if he gets too handsy with Kamala at the convention. Will it happen? It’s too early to tell, but consider some of “Creepy” Joe’s past crimes against decency:


Whatever happens, anyone familiar with “Forgetful” Joe knows the Democratic Party’s apparent last, best chance for Presidential office will make a spectacle of himself this week. Rest assured that Pro Sports Extra will be ready to report on it.


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