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Is Jackson Mahomes The LEAST Likeable Person Ever? @jacksonmahomes

It is no secret that Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother Jackson is a lightning rod. THe kid seems to be in the headlines more than his brother, who is a Super Bowl winning QB in the NFL. Nonetheless Jackson NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER seems to shy away from the spotlight.

From challenging other Tik Tok influencers to dance battles for a woman’s hand.

To ignoring the few fans he has to post a FIRE Tik Tok.

And last but not the least. Him essentially dancing on Sean Taylor’s GRAVE on the day the Washington Football Team retired his number.

Whitehouse's Jackson Mahomes dances on the late Sean Taylor's memorial |  News |
Patrick Mahomes' Brother Apologizes For Dancing On Sean Taylor Memorial

Even his brother Patrick has had enough of his crap, just look at this defeated man.

This kid is the reason our parents despise our generation. I can only imagine how his hometown of Tyler, Texas views him. I can’t imagine many of them still talk with the estranged “influencer”.

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