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Is It Just Me or Is Barstool Sports Owning a Day of The Week, Every Week During Quarantine? | @EKANardini @stoolpresidente

Written by TrevStone

Barstool Sports was founded as a newspaper by David ‘El Pres’ Portnoy in 2003. Dave has always been a big thinker, but no one thought that he’d get to where he is today. From stacking newspaper racks to owning one of the biggest media empires is impressive. The work of Portnoy and the Barstool crew is unlike any other network.

Dave is now known as the $100+ million dollar man! As his net worth continues to grow from the growth of Barstool/Penn Gaming and his stock trading. (click here to view his current net worth)

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy tries day trading, loses ...

Barstool’s main office is in New York, seeing everyone is in quarantine employees haven’t been at the office. Seeing everyone hasn’t been in the office, the DRAMA has been heating up! Throughout this break from being in the office, Barstool seems to be trending on social media at least once a week.

From Dave Portnoy creating his pizza review content and his Davey Day Trader, that alone is generating tons of eye balls. But what’s really been impressive over the break is the growth from other personalities, which has been the main reason that Barstool has been trending every week.

But who else is to look at for the huge Barstool success and growth throughout the last couple of years?

Hate Erika Nardini? Barstool Sports CEO couldn't care less

Erika Nardini the CEO!

Ever since she walked into the doors of Barstool, things flipped… Barstool was already becoming well known, but Erika… Brought them to an entirely different level! From her marketing skills, her business skills, and her person to person interaction with employees, there is no doubt that she is one of the best CEO’s in the Country.

Dan ‘Bit Cat’ Katz taking Twitch to another level:

Over 130,000+ people have been watching Big Cat play his college football video game as he grows the character of Coach Duggs.

You can click here to go to Pardon My Take’s Twitch.

Call Her Daddy Drama

If you’ve missed out on the Call Her Daddy drama between Alex and Sofia, you missed on one of the greatest sagas in Barstool history!

From finding out about Suitman, to realizing how money hungry and fake Sofia Franklyn is this will be talked about for YEARS!

#FireKMarko Trends

On Tuesday night the hashtag #FireKMarko trending on Twitter as Barstool employees Kirk Minihane and Keith Markovich.

Every week Barstool is trending! I wonder what’ll be next?

Remember when sports were around? You’d think Barstool SPORTS would need SPORTS to be trending. Nope. The NFL owns a day of the week, Sunday… Now it’s starting to seem like Barstool is owning a day of the week.

Congrats on the empire that you’ve built Dave!

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