Is Iman Shumpert Right in Saying LeBron James ‘Ruined’ Basketball?

Written by schultzyca

Dancing with the Stars Champion Iman Shumpert had some harass words to say about his former teammate LeBron James and how he acted the landscape of the NBA.

Shump said “Bron knows he ruined basketball…Me personally, I love the NBA for loyalty that I thought was there. He basically knocked the fourth wall down.”

I don’t think Shump is offsite his statement at all. I think LeBron opened the door for players going to different teams for business opportunities and to stick it to the owners who think they own these players like the own property.

The landscape of the NBA was forever changed when James did “The Decision” no athlete had ever made an announcement like that and it captivated so many of us.


Now arguments can be made that the original Big Three; Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett assembled the first ‘super team’ but all those players put together were never as big LeBron James. Also that is the most overrated big three ever they only won one championship who gives a shit?

LeBron certainly did not ruin the NBA I think, he just changed the landscape and rulebook on how players can leave their teams to pursue other avenues.

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