Is Enes Kanter Freedom Alive Still? Or Did He Die After Turkish government put $500K bounty on his head

Written by TrevStone

Former NBA center Enes Kanter Freedom has a bounty out on him by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government worth up to 10 million Turkish lira, or about $500,000, for information leading to his capture.

Talk about scary. Freedom is on the country’s 2023 most-wanted terrorists list as he has been famously outspoken regarding Turkey’s human rights abuses through Erdogan’s government.

“Before the bounty, Turkish intelligence were after the people on the list, but now everyone is after them because they want the money,” Freedom told the Post.

Kanter is also looking at possibly suing the NBA as they black-balled him because of his protests.

“The NBA is never going to admit it, but I believe I’m being blackballed,” he told the Post. “I’ve had many conversations, and everyone is saying the same thing: ‘Your career has ended because of your China comments.’”

“They are a 100% American-made organization, but they are being controlled and run by the biggest dictatorship in the world, China,” he continued. “How can China fire an American citizen from an American organization? That is unacceptable.”

Is Kanter still alive?

Yes. From what we know he is still alive. Hopefully this won’t change. But with this amount of money possible you never know what someone will do.

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