With multiple UFC stars such as Francis Ngannou, Nate Diaz, and Israel Adesanya all reaching the end of their contracts this year, Khabib Nurmogomedov’s Eagle FC promotion is looking to make a splash in the MMA world. Check out what Khabib said today.

I think it’s awesome for the fighters that there’s another legit promotion out there that’s gonna be willing to pay them, but lets be honest, this is no threat to the UFC right now. It’s certainly an up-and-coming promotion, but there’s just no way that a guy like Nate Diaz is gonna hop on a jet to Dagestan to fight some guy who’s a half-man half grizzly bear in front of Russian Warlords. I heard they seize weed there, instant no from Nate.

Now, in the long term, this promotion could really turn into something huge. I don’t think they have great chances of stealing top-tier talent from organizations like the UFC and Bellator, but they’ve definitely got a chance to breed some of their own killers. With the success of guys like Khabib, Islam, Petr Yan, and basically every other one of these Dagestani animals, I’ve basically convinced myself that they can’t lose. So, if Khabib’s out here just pumping out Siberian aliens whose brains are physically incapable of being knocked unconscious, then the UFC could have a real problem on its hands.


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