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Is Dave Portnoy the Smartest Sports Media Entrepreneur Ever??

Written by JohnnyB

YES!! Because he gets it. If you don’t know what “IT” is then you don’t deserve the content.

He literally appeals to the every man and now every woman. All the “taboo” topics he just tells you how it is and is unapologetic. He has surrounded himself with amazingly talented men and women. Dave literally took a free gambling magazine and turned it into a 100 million company. I mean who does that? He’s the Babe Ruth, Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan of Sports Media.

This isn’t me kissing ass or looking for clicks or applause or a job. It just needs to be pointed out more. I’m a Positive Vibes Only guy and all the negative shit about barstool is easy to write about and mostly false statements or things taken out of context from the we don’t like to laugh community. How about the positive. The man now is sponsoring a NASCAR, has the number 1 baseball, golf, female and hockey podcasts. Oh and has an entire channel on Sirius, not a big deal.

To be honest I look up to him. I hate everything Boston, but he is just who he is and it’s so refreshing. I look up to his employees, I’m a big fan of the KFC radio guys, PMT guys, the Chiclets shit even Walk the Line is good. So I guess the reason I am writing this while inside my car while it’s raining out is to just say Thank You Dave. Thanks for just being honest, surrounding yourself with talented people and putting out good shit to take my mind off of the every day bullshit. Go Pres Go.

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