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Is Dave Portnoy part of a group that is looking to buy the Mets? It sure looks like it. @StoolPresidente

Written by Nik D

This picture of Dave Portnoy as Mr. Met is proof that he will buy the Mets.

According to sources (ok, it’s Rovell. But he’s probably not wrong), a group of investors headlined by Alex Rodriguez, Jenifer Lopez, and billionaire Mike Repole (founder of BodyArmor) are making a serious bid for the New York Mets. [CLICK HERE TO READ ORIGINAL POST]

Right after this was reported, Mr. Stool Presidente himself tweeted that he was “anonymously” contacted about being involved with a certain professional sports franchise that could soon switch hands.

Portnoy already has Barstool Sports involved in bringing NASCAR to another level.

This would make a lot of sense for the group to involve Dave and Barstool in the potential purchase of the Mets, whether it is as an investor or a sponsor/partner.

Alex Rodriguez already has ties to Barstool, as he co-hosts The Corp podcast with Big Cat. Mike Repole has been featured on Barstool Sports Shark Tank style show, Big Brain.

Either way, with or without Portnoy, a new ownership group would be welcomed by Mets fans.

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