Detroit Lions’ rookie head coach Dan Campbell isn’t afraid to put up some interesting quotes. However, his recent one was a little painful for him to say—both to the press and for the team.

During Thursday’s training camp press conference, Campbell referred to himself as an ‘asshole’ after making the decision to cut longtime long snapper Don Muhlbach.

You can tell in his voice here that he was feeling mixed about releasing the long snapper, (on his birthday no less) but said he understood that it was difficult decision regardless of what day it happened on.

The Lions head coach would admit that it was his fault and his mistake to release Muhlbach during the team’s party that they had at camp.

Sometimes if it’s best for the business and the two-time Pro Bowl long snapper has been the organization for much of his career, you have to let them go somehow. Can pretty much sense he didn’t want it to happen that way, but it had to be done.


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