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Is Damian Lillard Recruiting Draymond Green To Portland?

The Golden State Warriors fanbase know Draymond Green is the heart and soul of the team, but who is really untradeable? In 2019 Draymond signed a four year, 100 million dollar extension to stay with the Golden State Warriors but his play as of late hasn’t been what we usually see from former Defensive Player of the Year. Which could lead to a possible departure this season if the Warriors decide to go in a different direction. During a most recent episode of The Athletic NBA Show Sam Amick reported how the Portland Trailblazers star point guard has been actively recruiting Green to the Trailblazers the past few years. The exact quote is stated below.

“If we were handicapping Draymond trade destinations if the Warriors decided to blow it up… That’s the one Damian (Lillard) and his group have for the last couple years been campaigning for,”

After returning from injury in just three regular season games, Draymond Green is averaging a career-low 2 points per game while shooting an abysmal 20 percent from the three point line. But the Portland Trailblazers can score with anybody, they just need that passion and leadership alongside CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard that Green brings to the table, including with the defensive versatility he has left. Although this is very unlikely to happen considering the Golden State Warriors value Draymond Green especially with no Klay Thompson this season, but nothing is impossible. The NBA trade deadline is Thursday, March 25th so things should heat up closer as the date approaches.

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