Is Cristiano Ronaldo Overrated?

To some, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest soccer players to walk the face of the planet. Some even hold him in as high regard as Pele. He is likely the most well known soccer player in the world and has amassed a net worth of $500M. While the man is certainly very skilled, is it possible that he is just a tad bit overrated?

According to Ronaldo’s critics, he does not have a lot of diversity in his gameplay. He is often referred to as “cherry picker”, much like world famous NHL star Alex Ovechkin is with the Washington Capitals. Allegedly, most of the goals he scored are simply “lay ups” and do not require much skill. When it comes down to it, the critics of Ronaldo simply feel that his gameplay is lazy.

Many critics of Ronaldo feel that is popularity is overinflated because of his “good looks.” They feel that because he has a natural charisma to him that a celebrity may have, he is often given a pass on his gameplay.

While I understand what his critics are saying, I’d be lying I said they were completely wrong. Yes, he may “cherry pick” a bit, but the bottom line is that Ronaldo delivers and scores more goals than most. It doesn’t matter how you get to the finish line. What matters is that you’re the first one there. Cristiano Ronaldo is a proven winner regardless of his gameplay.

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