Is “Creepy” Joe Biden “Jivin'” Joe Too? Biden’s Long List of Lies Leave Voters Laughing.

Written by Mike Rickard II

A Losing Battle. Poor Joe Biden. The seemingly confused Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party just can’t seem to catch a break. Whether it’s what seem like endless accusations of sexual harassment and/or assault, him telling African-American voters “you ain’t black if you vote for Trump“, or the inability to construct a coherent sentence, “Creepy” Joe has had one hell of a campaign. Thankfully, the coronapocalypse has kept him in his hidden bunker/pre-nursing home, preventing a great deal of self-inflicted damage to the campaign.

Thanks to the power of YouTube, voters have a chance to see some of “Jiving” Joe’s goofs from the past.

Lying Lips= Lotta Laughs. laughable as Biden’s verbal gaffes are, they’re eclipsed by some flat-out lies from a previous failed Presidential run. In 1987, Biden’s Presidential campaign ground to a halt after his honesty and character were called into question. Listen to “Jivin'” Joe’s boasts and how they were revealed as fabrications:

Special thanks to my Irish Catholic twin Dave for bringing this video to my attention.

A number of items from “Jivin'” Joe’s past would come back (as they often do in any political campaign). Voters learned that Biden had been busted in law school for plagarism and that he falsely claimed to have walked alongside advocates during the civil rights movement. Add in the lies in the video (such as boasts about his academic performance in law school, earning degrees he never attained, and others), and it makes you wonder what other things Joe is lying about.

Joe Biden’s new campaign logo

In Joe’s defense, he did make one remark that doesn’t appear to be a lie. In the above video, he admits he’s done dumb things in the past and he knows he’ll do dumb things in the future.

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