Is Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo 2 in the works?

Written by Noah Gagnon

After Jose Aldo’s impressive performance at UFC 265, many in the MMA community have been calling for him to rematch Conor McGregor. McGregor’s coming off two straight losses to Dustin Poirier, so his next opponent is really up in the air, and the Aldo idea seems to make sense to many. As of right now, the fight Conor McGregor lottery has been circulating between guys like Nate Diaz, Rafael Dos Anjos, Tony Ferguson, and a few other lightweights, but I really think an Aldo matchup makes a ton of sense.

Let’s be honest, all the UFC wants is to get Conor McGregor back on the horse and winning again. Aldo’s a smaller guy who won’t try to take Conor to the ground, so it’s basically the best stylistic matchup possible McGregor. And, from a marketing standpoint, Conor rematching a guy who’s coming off an impressive win with some momentum appears to be a more impressive win than if he were to fight a Tony Ferguson type who’s coming off a few losses.

But, the real question to me is what would the build-up to this fight be? Connor had to use up all his A+ material in the first go-around with Jose, right? Perhaps a rematch with Aldo will really bring out some true vintage McGregor stuff. Don’t get me wrong, he’s done some crazy shit lately, we’ve all seen it, but I still don’t think he’s as wild as he was during that first Aldo build-up.

I specifically remember a young Conor McGregor throwing a dart at a print-out of Aldo’s face, and then crumbling the paper and eating it. That guy was a freaking lunatic, and we loved it … and he won the fight. So, who knows, maybe this time around Conor just drops his pants and leaves a deuce on the podium during the press conference. I wouldn’t put it past him. Anything to get yourself motivated, right?

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