There’s always the wives and girlfriends of notable professional athletes who like to make the headlines when their boyfriend/husband get’s trashed in the media. Most of the time it’s pretty cringe and unnecessary, but lil’ ole miss ‘Brittany’ might take the trophy for the cringiest horse in the stable. Always tryna take the spotlight and ride the coattails of her hubby who might be the most talented football player of all time. From her laughing like a horse in the suite box or on the private plane, to now trying to defend ‘Patrick’ for his worst game he’s played since high school, she’s annoying af to say the least.

Mahomes would never say this to his girl, but one of her friends needs to chill the fuck out before she embarrasses her self more and winds up dumped to the curb like Russell Wilson’s gal after he was drafted:

Brittany is becoming on the Ayesha Curry level where she’s only relevant because of her husband. Is a cook book next in the works?


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