Is Alabama Destined To Lose After @BookitWithTrent Picked Them As His Lock of The Night? #RollTide #GoDawgs

It’s not a secret anymore, the tik tok gambling celebrity @BookItWithTrent is quite literally the biggest mush of the season. Anything and everything this guy picks ends up going the complete opposite direction. Don’t believe me? Well, feast your eyes.


too early to be getting clapped like this

♬ original sound – Solo

Nonetheless dude’s a content machine. You have GOT to have the thickest skin in the game to not beat up yourself after fat blog bloys like myself try and roast him in all of his comment sections.

Well Trent may have just fucked up Saban’s legacy tonight. He is rolling with The Crimson Tide and boy, I feel bad for them boys.

Obviously the play here are THA DAWGS FROM GEORGIA. The Braves walked so Kirby Smart and his dumbass bowl cut could run. Let’s go Georgia, I’m taking the points here at -2.5 because WHY THE FUCK NOT.

Either way you spin it, another championship for the SEC because we can’t win too many of them.

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