Introducing The Grey Cup: The Super Bowl’s Canadian Rival

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Outside of Canada, little is known about the historical Canadian Football League. Despite being the 51st season of the modern Canadian professional football, it is currently recognised as the 55th in terms of history. The Grey Cup, the championship trophy given to the CFL winners, is considerably older than the league.

How Does The Grey Cup Compare To The Super Bowl?

It’s tough to compete with the Super Bowl as a one-off sporting event, but the Grey Cup holds its own in several respects. Aside from more points and wilder weather, the Grey Cup is also almost twice as old as the Super Bowl. Betway have compared The Grey Cup to the Super Bowl, and the results are not as straightforward as you might think.

That century and more of history have produced a one-of-a-kind spectacle centered on the game itself, not the surrounding hoopla. It may not be as glitzy as its American counterpart, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a celebration of sports and Canada, and it’s always worth watching.

The History Of The Grey Cup

In 1909, Earl Grey, the then Canadian Governor General of Canada, gave the Grey Cup to the top amateur rugby football team in Canada. In the early twentieth century, it was awarded to the best amateur rugby football team in Canada. As professional football evolved into a league in 1954, the Grey Cup became its possession.

The Grey Cup has always lagged behind the NHL’s Stanley Cup in terms of attention. The Grey Cup, on the other hand, has grown in popularity at home and around the world as more North American hockey teams have emerged. The Grey Cup, however, is gaining significance for Canada because there are less NHL clubs in Canada and hockey is increasingly popular outside of the country, and the number of teams winning it from abroad is also rising.

Only the winning team and year were etched on silver slates of the Grey Cup from 1909 to 1916, and only the winning team and year was inscribed on them from 1920 until 1987. Despite capturing the Hamilton Tigers’ 1908 Grey Cup victory before the trophy was even presented, they were engraved on the cup.

There have been several dynasties and upsets among the Grey Cup’s champions. It is tough for teams to win back-to-back titles or even go on to win three in a row, as it is in every professional football league. The Edmonton Eskimos won five straight Grey Cups from 1978 to 1982, defeating the Montreal Alouettes and Ottawa Rough Riders twice each and Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats once each during their dynastic reign.

The Toronto Argonauts won back-to-back Grey Cups in the 84th and 85th seasons, with former NFLer Doug Flutie and running back Michael “Pinball” Clemons winning consecutive championships beside that streak.

Overall, the Toronto Argonauts have won the most games, with 15 of 21 appearances in the Grey Cup game. The Edmonton Eskimos have won 13 Grey Cups, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have won 10 Grey Cups, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have won eight Grey Cups, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have won three Grey Cups, and the Montreal Alouettes, BC Lions, and Calgary Stampeders each have five trophies. Not to mention, the now-defunct Ottawa Rough Riders won nine Grey Cups throughout their history from 1876 to 1996.

Canadians from coast to coast will tune in, regardless of the team playing, for the 108th Grey Cup. Fans will come from wherever their team’s home is to support them.

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