Integrity of the game….

Written by Kasey Davis

There are many moments in sports that I hold dear to my heart in my life. Many different moments , many varieties sports. A example would be; I have only experienced one LeBron game, first game of his second year. It wasn’t LeBron I wanted to see play, I was excited to see Reggie Milller.

Football is now my biggest love of sports, but it was baseball that made me interested. It was the mid 90s when I dived into sports. Allot was happening in my home town of Cleveland, Ohio. The Browns were moving to Baltimore, the Cavaliers were experiencing changes…. but both the Indians and Ohio State Buckeyes were keeping fans alive.

The first time I watched a live baseball game , former Indians first baseman Jim Thome hit a homerun. I instantly felt like he was my favorite player and this was my sport.I become a die-hard Trube fan that night , and actually shed tears when the Marlins beat Cleveland in the 97 World Series.

I started watching baseball at a perfect time in Indians history , as they had some of the most memorable and prolific offenses in MLB history. When your shortstop, Omar Vizquel, is hitting .300+ , and only sports a career average of .272… that says amazing things. I remember the Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa homerun battle… that was an amazing .

I can’t remember my first baseball game anymore , I just remember watching the guy who should own the record books : Ken Griffey Jr.

I got to watch Ken play in his later years, after the injuries had robbed him of his once God like abilities. He was a freak of nature on the baseball field. It is very debatable tht he is the best to ever play ; pre-injury. I was in awe at getti.g to see Griffey play , I had even a Ken Griffey jr. Alarm clock as a kid. Yet I was a die-hard Indians fan. Anytime I played in MLB baseball game you better bet I traded half the roster to obtain Ken Griffey jr. .

I love baseball as a child. My baseball card collection was absurd. I would argue day and night before the greatest was whether it was Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth at the time in my mind.

Now I know the Scandal has been over for a while, and baseball is getting back to a homerun phase, but naturally this time. To me though, baseball will never be the same.

Gone is my huge baseball card collection, now only basketball and football remains. Guys like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Rogger Clemens, and countless others have ruined the game of baseball for myself.

I didn’t watch a baseball game for years. Last Indians game I had watched prior to the World Series run against the Cubs, was when the Indians lost to the Red Sox in the playoffs. Baseball had lost its love with me.

No football is my favorite sport followed by basketball. Hope baseball has worked its way up to the top of my list, ahead of hockey and other sports. The Cleveland Indians rebirth in recent years, with guys like Jose Ramirez and Francisco Lindor, had brought back a passion for baseball.

With the MLB playoffs starting soon, I cannot help but continuously listen to Sports Talk radio shows and get pumped realizing my team has an amazing chance to win the World Series this year.

Long gone now are those years of steroid scandals. Nowadays talent rings through. Baseball will probably never take his rightful place as America’s pastime again. It will always be known as that books, but the younger Generations will not know what baseball once meant to our country.

It’s very possible that baseball takes his place for soccer is one of the more popular sports around the globe, what is just something to do in America. But I will never forget what it was like to turn on the TV and excitedly watching Indians game with my whole heart and excitement.

I can honestly not say baseball will regain Integrity that it once had. But for now as a family I can sit back and enjoy the MLB playoffs once again.

Now let’s go play some ball. Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

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