Instead Of Taking A Knee Penn State Runs Up The Score

Written by Tony Ghaul

Penn State was up on West Virginia 31-15 with 13 seconds left in the game, and of taking a knee, they run it in for a touchdown.

Penn State was favored by 20.5 coming into the game, so did someone want to make sure they cover the spread? The classy thing would have been to kneel down and let the clock run out.

Penn State, who always thought that they were holier than thou and above everyone, decided to be classless.

Penn State’s morals, the we do everything the right way, was exposed as fraudulent 20 years ago for the horrific crimes taking place at the institution and by a high ranking member of the football program.

The “We Are” program is dirtier and as corrupt as any other top institution around. But, I am sure that they made some gamblers happy.

Photo courtesy of the New York Post – Getty Images

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