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Instagram Unveils ‘Mute White People’ Sticker… and Yes, it is Real

UPDATE: it is rumored by St.Clair on her social media accounts that the app responded to the GIF/sticker and has removed them from their platform.

Don’t let the headline fool you, this is a bit of a baffling look for Instagram here.

Social media/politics personality Ashley St. Clair took it to Instagram and Twitter to unveil Instagram’s newest ‘Mute White People’ sticker for their story tab.

St. Clair also did a recorded video to show off that the sticker is all real. Even infamous right-wing personality/former athlete Aubrey Huff agreed that it is crazy they put it up there.

I am all for free speech and expression for everyone in any race and gender, but this seems, well, a bit excessive to say the least.

I am sure along with Ashley and others, we may need an explanation from Instagram themselves to know why the sticker is there to begin with.

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