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Instagram Model Julia Rose and Her Friend, Lauren Summer, Can’t Stop Flashing Her Boobs At The World Series – @JuliaRose_33 @HeyLaurenSummer

Written by Nate

Just recently, two smokeshow fans were flashing their boobs behind home plate during Game 5 of the World Series.

One of those fans that came forward turns out to be Instagram model Julia Rose. And she has a very good and eye-popping profile regarding her posts on Instagram and Twitter. 

Here are a few of her hottest Instagram pictures that are from her accounts (a couple pics are 18+). She also has a video post of her losing her top while riding a roller coaster.

Trust me, there is a LOT of posts/images that I can add on here, but there are some are for 18+. 

You can follow Julia on social media by following her on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

You can also follow her friend, fellow Instagram model Lauren Summer, also on both Twitter and Instagram

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