Instagram Model charged after streaking attempt gets spoiled at Super Bowl

Written by Vick

Kelly Kay Green, an Instagram model with over 327,000 followers was arrested and charged Sunday after running onto the field and flashing the crowd at the Super Bowl.

Okay, guys as a general rule I don’t think anyone is above the law. “You do the crime you do the time ” as people say. But…… in this instance I’m in a jam, I mean look at her. Her mugshot was hotter than any of the girls I’ve dated in my life and it’s a mugshot.

I’m not saying she should’ve gotten away with it, but security guards, you couldn’t let her run for like a minute before taking her out? A bit selfish if you ask me. They took her down and saved everything for themselves. I for one would’ve loved to see a boob or a cheek Sunday but nooo….

I applaud you, Kelly Kay Green. Julia Rose laid the foundation at the World Series, Kelly tried building the house at the Super bowl. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be done. We can all grieve together.


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