CBD products are new in thing, with people taking them for a variety of reasons. Some turn to cannabinoids for health benefits and others for recreational uses. A review of https://askgrowers.com/cbd/edibles/cbd-drinks shows several CBD drinks that can be used alternatively instead of oils, tinctures, and the like. What are CBD drinks, and could they potentially be used by athletes?

The sports and energy drink business is currently valued at 25 billion dollars. Athletes of various professions have been known to partake in an energy drink from time to time. Studies show that instead of fuzzy drinks made up primarily of soda, athletes are looking for alternatives. Could this be the foreseen opening for CBD drinks?

Legal Status of CBD Use in Athleticism

The status of the cannabinoid and its products is quickly skyrocketing. Reports show CBD product sales are estimated to reach $1.4 billion by 2023. All these can be attributed to the legalization of CBD in 2018. Since then, there have been significant changes in attitudes regarding the use of the substance entirely. 

Examples of athletes and sports people such as Nate Diaz have come forward claiming their use of the substance. According to Nate Diaz, a primary UFC fighter, the products help him recover after a fight. He also claims that CBD has proven effective in reducing pain and inflammation. 

At the beginning of its legalization, some were skeptical of the same lasting. Seeing that its mother plant, marijuana, is still considered illegal at the state level. The optics tell a whole different story. With the cannabinoid being dropped from the FDA list of prohibited compounds, the use of the same will only improve. 

Unlike in the past, athletes found with traces or large amounts of CBD are not charged with any consequences. The substance’s legal nature has motivated both prominent and amateur athletes to come out to support its use. 

Benefits of Using CBD Drinks for Sportsmen

What do CBD drinks do? Like Nate Diaz, people mostly rely on CBD for its health benefits. The composition of the cannabinoid awards it specific properties that are effective in recovery processes before or after a competition. The benefits for the athletes take on a wholesome approach from physical to mental relief. These are the top five benefits of using CBD drinks by athletes;

Improves Quality of Sleep

The way CBD works is that it initiates body relaxation and enhances a sense of calmness. Most people would not think that taking a few sips of a drink at bedtime would result in any changes in their sleeping patterns. Regardless, countless users report sleeping more soundly after drinking some CBD-infused beverage before bed. Studies have gone further to show that CBD beverages can help with sleep problems such as insomnia, night walking, and the likes. 

Works for Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Athletes, like any other individual, are susceptible to the stresses of life. It can be argued that they face increased anxiety, mood fluctuations, and stress due to their way of life. CBD interacts with receptors in the brain to ensure that the body is calm, tensions low, and hence ultimate relaxation is achieved. Psychologists also link the substance to reduced anxiety, depression, and stress in general. These properties could prove beneficial at the start of any competition or also at the end of one. 

Helps with Pain and Inflammation

One of the significant aspects that pushed research into CBD as a pain alleviator has been its connection to managing epilepsy in children. Epilepsy patients have reported an increased reduction of pain by using products made from the cannabinoid. Other than that, it is also used on cancer to treat pain and nausea symptoms. Some other conditions it helps with include; Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Parkinsons’, and a range of other issues.

 Unsurprisingly, athletes are coming forward assenting to using the compound to help with their pains. As injuries are common in their line of work, CBD drinks are an effective way of doing away with the pains that result from the same. 

Improves Hydration

The typical energy drinks in the market are packed with caffeine and taurine, both energy-boosting substances. The only problem with the two is that they result in significant body dehydration. An alternative is CBD drinks which, instead of dehydrating the body, results in hydration. The composition of most of these drinks contains water, electrolytes, and small amounts of sugar. Essentially, these are better for the body than traditional sports drinks. 

Effective at Enhancing Fast and Wholesome Recovery

As you have seen, CBD drinks offer wholesome benefits in the form of mental and physical reprieve. The combination of both makes it a helpful tool in recovery after a tiresome and grueling competition. The drinks are packed with components that enhance a relief-driven recovery. 

Do CBD Drinks Enhance Athlete Performance?

In the spirit of sportsmanship, it is reasonable to wonder whether the drinks themselves induce a heightened performance. One of the requirements of the FDA for a drug to be prohibited is if it violates the spirit of sports competitions. This can only be equated to the spirit of fairness and competition, where all participants compete at the same level. 

Does taking CBD-infused drinks violate that spirit? The way CBD works is that it interacts with the endocannabinoid system reacting with the receptors as mentioned before. Though this reaction results in several effects, such as increased metabolism, reduction in pain, mood-boosting, and the like, there are no apparent links to show it improves functioning. 

From the health benefits, it is clear that the effects are more directed toward stress and pain relief. For a substance to enhance performance, it has to improve the physical and mental capacity of the athlete. Contrary to the same, CBD enhances relaxation and, sometimes, sleep, defeating the purpose of performance enhancement. 

Types of CBD Drinks for Sportsmen

Variety is critical in the modern day and age. CBD products have shown a certain versatility with a range of them in production. As mentioned, users get oils, tinctures, tablets, balms, and even bath bombs. Similarly, the drinks also come in a number of varieties. The following are the most common ones available for athlete use;

CBD Tea and Coffee

Though the two have high amounts of caffeine, scientists show that the combination with CBD improves the effect on the body. These drinks are best for bedtime as they enhance relaxation and stress relief. They also help the body recover after a tiresome day and improve hydration. 

Infused Water

The components of CBD water include sunflower oil, hemp oil, potassium sorbate, Vitamin E, and citric acid. This combination improves its effectiveness by boosting its hydrating effect on the body. Infused water also comes in the form of sparkling water with different flavors. Regardless of the type, this water has proven better for athletes’ recovery than other drinks. 

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks have sufficient amounts of electrolytes whose purpose is to hydrate and energize the body. When used in the right proportions inclusive of CBD, sugar, and certain oils, the rate of hydration increases. As opposed to other sports drinks with high amounts of sugar, CBD-infused drinks offer a healthier alternative. Less sugar and more effectiveness are the goals. 


Athletes are entitled to every bit of recovery and pain-alleviating substances as any other individual. Energy drinks have been a common feature among athletes. Their support of the same goes as far as endorsing some particular brands. What if there was a healthier alternative? CBD drinks are the improved version of sports drinks. They offer increased hydration, come with pain and stress-alleviating properties, and are ideally healthier. The uses have moved from the basis of recovery to general application for relaxation.


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