Indy Wrestling Star Candy Cartwright Comes Forward – Matt Riddle Assaulted Me

Over the past several days numerous wrestlers have come forward on social media sparking a movement to discuss sexual harassment and, in some cases, instances of sexual assaults and rape. One such case that was posted under the trending hashtag #speakout, was independent wrestling star and former WWN SHINE NOVA Champion Candy Cartwright account of an alleged incident involving current WWE Smackdown superstar Matt Riddle. [CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST OF ALLEGATIONS]

In a tweet posted, she alleges that in May of 2018, Riddle propositioned Cartwright for sexual intercourse during a van ride. When Cartwright refused his advances, Riddle allegedly grabbed her by the throat, choked her, and allegedly said, “what if I just made you?” Cartwright went on to state she gave Riddle oral sex to prevent having to have intercourse with Riddle. Below is the posted tweet from Cartwright’s twitter page.

Cartwright is one of numerous individuals who have come forward over the past few days with stories of sexual assault in the world of professional wrestling. The movement has inspired many victims to speak out against their attackers and although no one has been officially charged as a result of any of these victims coming forward as of yet, many cases are currently being reviewed by law enforcement.

Neither Riddle nor the WWE have commented regarding this post.

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