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Indianapolis Colts hiring of Jeff Saturday being looked into

Written by Tony Ghaul

The Indianapolis Colts shocked the football world, when hired Jeff Saturday as the interim head coach for the rest of the season. Saturday had never coached at the college or NFL level.

The fact that they made this move, instead of promoting one of the coaches already on their staff is being widely met with criticism. Many are wondering why many available candidates that were more qualified were passed over for the job.

Today, the Fritz Pollard Alliance announced that they would be looking into the Colts hiring process to determine whether it conformed with NFL guidelines for hiring an interim coach.

Hiring practices in the NFL came under major scrutiny during the offseason because of Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the league, so this hire was certain to be looked into further.

The move worked out pretty well for the Colts so far. In his first game in charge of the team, Jeff Saturday led the Colts to a 25-20 win over the Las Vegas Raiders. The Colts schedule will get much more difficult from here.

This weekend, the Colts welcome the Eagles to Indy and after that they still have games left against the Cowboys, Vikings, Giants, and Chargers.

Indianapolis Colts interim Head Coach Jeff Saturday. Photo courtsey of USA Today Sports

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