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Indiana Pacers’ Chris Duarte’s Girlfriend Is Absolutely Stunning! @c_duarte5

Written by Chris Powers

For those of you not familiar with Chris Duarte of the Indians Pacers, that’s likely because he was just drafted this past year at the 13th spot. Not only is the 24 year old Duarte and NBA player, but he credits his 17 month old son for all of his success.

“Chris [Jr.] is everything for me. He means everything for me and my family. He makes me work harder everyday,” Duarte said.

Aside from being a rising NBA player and relatively young Dad, Chris also has another thing going for him. What is that thing exactly?

Sylvia Velazquez.

For those of you unaware, Sylvia Velazquez may be the hottest new WAG in the NBA, and maybe of all professional sports. If you haven’t seen her before, I highly recommend you scroll down below and see exactly what I’m talking about. After following her social media accounts, you’ll see that she leaves very little to the imagination.

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