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In 5-10 Years, This Robot Is Going To Be Better Than Your Favorite Player!

This robot is going to RUN BASKETBALL!

Who’s your favorite basketball player? Is it LeBron? Is it Giannis? What about Steph Curry? Well, you might as well FORGET ABOUT ALL OF THEM………because this “bucket of bolts” is the FUTURE of basketball. This “bucket of bolts” is what’s coming down the pipeline, and it’s going to school EVERY SINGLE PERSON that you deem to be “great.” Whatever the hell they call this thing; it’s going to be the name that every basketball fan IN THE WORLD will be chanting. Even though I don’t know what the end-goal for this robot is……I can see MASS AMOUNTS OF POTENTIAL here.

Now, is he ready for “primetime” yet? Well……no! Obviously, as you can see from the video; a 2nd grader could probably steal the ball from him with EASE! But just like any future ballplayer, this “dribbling droid” needs time to practice. Just like any future ballplayer, this “dribbling droid” needs time to ADAPT, and learn new skills.

(And OBVIOUSLY, he needs a few “smarty pants scientists” to fiddle with the nuts and bolts, and improve on his stature/physique.)

But having said that, I want you all to picture this with me; picture walking into your favorite teams’ stadium, and seeing a big-ass poster of a robot hanging from the ceiling. Picture yourself handing your ticket to the attendant at the door, and they hand you a robot bobble-head, in honor of “Robot Bobble-Head” night. Picture yourself strolling past the merchandise counter, and seeing ROWS of jerseys, with the name “Robot” printed across the back. He’d going to be the HEADLINER folks…….the MAIN ATTRACTION!

Simply put; if you put this robot on ANY professional basketball team in 5-10 years, then I have them winning by a MILLION! #BOOKIT

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