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Impact Wrestling’s Moose Has An Expiring Contract For June 2021 – WWE Or AEW Interested?

Written by jwatry

A little news on everybody’s favorite little wrestling promotion, Impact Wrestling…

According to, Impact Wrestling star Moose has an expiring contract coming due in June 2021. For those keeping track, that is in about four/five months. On television recently, Don Callis had made a claim that Moose had two years remaining on his contract. Of course, like most things on TV, this was strictly for TV. His actual deal expires this summer, according to Fightful. In terms of sources and reporting, I trust Fightful, and they do great work.

Let’s remember we just went through a couple of expiring contracts with Impact. Sami Callihan decided to re-sign, except I’m not sure how many other offers he really had, despite saying he talked with various promotions. He was never expected to leave Impact Wrestling on January 1st anyways, so that renewal came and went without much fanfare.

On the flip side, it has been rumored for months now that Impact Wrestling was in danger of losing Taya and Ethan Page. Sure enough, as we entered 2021, Taya has been written out of story line, and Ethan Page has also exited television. Both were reportedly being courted by either AEW or WWE. Thus, both were expected to be leaving. That is usually how it works. If a bigger company comes calling, you go. It remains to be seen still on where those two land.

Now we turn the page on a new calendar, and the same controversy pops up with an Impact Wrestling star. This time, it is Moose. Will All Elite Wrestling want to sign Mr. TNA? Does WWE come knocking on his door? Time will tell, but I am not going to hold my breath. Making this prediction nearly six months in advance is rough. However, there is a reason no major promotion has signed him yet…and no, Ring of Honor (ROH) and Impact don’t count. Sorry. I suspect he gets a nice raise and stays put. Maybe even as the Impact Wrestling World Champion? That title never seems to make its’ way around his waist.

Why won’t a major promotion sign him? Well, it is just my opinion, but his age is certainly not on his side. He turns 37 in April. Plus, even though he has some NFL experience, it has always been rough on the body and wear and tear has to be adding up. Worse of all has to be his domestic violence issue. According to the Atlanta Constitution Journal, in May 2009, he was arrested after a fight with his then wife, and he spat on her. I won’t go into all that stuff, but it’s been over a decade. Will WWE still not want to bring him in or has his talent earned him another chance at the big time?

Time will tell. In the meantime, last night’s Impact drew 186,000 viewers, so I suppose at least some wrestling fans will be nervous over his status for the next few months…

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)

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