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Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results 7/18/20: New Champions

Written by Shannon Walsh

Impact Wrestling “Slammiversary 2020” pay-per-view results from Nashville, Tennessee, USA 🇺🇸 at Skyway Studios on 7/18/20 live on FITE TV:

The company has had all kinds of drama leading up to this show.

Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard was stripped of the title and fired after refusing to show up to defend it because of safety and travel concerns with the virus pandemic. The vacant title will be filled in the main event tonight.

Joey Ryan, Dave Crist, and Michael Elgin were fired over sexual harassment allegations.

Impact Wrestling is the middle of a now delayed lawsuit from Jeff Jarrett over copyright issues with Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling brand and a deleted video master tape of GFW. Jarrett claims Impact had possession of the tape and deleted it on purpose.

This card is expected to be a night of “surprise appearances” by the buried former WWE mid card talent and talent enhancements who were released by WWE back in April.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis told viewers at the start that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have signed with the company as noted in all of the pro wrestling media last night.

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley returned to Impact Wrestling and defeated Dez and Wentz by pinning Dez after a double team finisher. This was an Open Challenge Match by Dez and Wentz.

John E. Bravo was shown backstage being intimidated separately by Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary as they both wanted him to help them in the #1 con. Knockouts Title Gauntlet Match later tonight.

Self-proclaimed TNA World Champion Moose pinned Tommy Dream in an “Old School Rules” match after pushing his face into a pile of thumbtacks and hitting a spear. Dreamer was dressed in a tribute to Terry Funk with a T-Shirt that said “Moose Sucks Eggs” which is what Funk said about Dusty Rhodes in their feud many decades ago. Moose and Dreamer used a kendo stick, chairs, and a trash can as the weapons.

Mathews said there was breaking news outside and sent it over to Gia Miller. A car drove up and she thought it was Gallows and Anderson. It was Johnny Swinger. He said the car was reserved for “Anderson” but “Ole didn’t show up” so he took it instead. Mathews and Callis did a fake laugh after the segment.

The #1 con. Gauntlet for the Knockouts Title is next. It’s Royal Rumble Rules with numbers drawn and over the top rope eliminations.

Tasha Steelz and Kylie Rae started off. John E. Bravo came out as #3 dressed in drag as Taya Valkyrie. Rae and Steelz teamed up to immediately eliminate him.

Kimber Lee is #4.

Kiera Hogan is #5.

Tasha Steelz was eliminated by a super kick by Rae.

Susie is #6

Katie Forbes is #7.

Madison Rayne in at #8.

Havok joins at #9.

Taya Valkyrie is #10. The real Taya Valkyrie.

Alisha Edwards joins the match as #11.

Don Callis said Forbes was eliminated but the cameras didn’t get a good view of it.

Nevaeh is #12.

Rosemary is in at #13. Mathews teased the idea of the Knockouts Tag Team Titles coming back.

Bravo came back out dressed as Rosemary. Callis said Susie was eliminated as Bravo came out. Mathews and Callis kept doing a fake laugh about Bravo in disguise.

Bravo was eliminated by Rae.

Rae eliminated Madison Rayne.

Alisha Edwards and Nevaeh were eliminated.

Hogan was eliminated.

It’s down to Rae, Lee, Rosemary, and Valkyrie.

Rae eliminated Lee.

Valkyrie accidentally eliminated Rosemary when she was trying to dump Rae out.

With the final two left, it’s now pin or submission rules.

Kylie Rae pinned Taya Valkyrie after a super kick to win the match. This was a really bad match with too much comedy. It came off like a 1980s women’s battle royal.

Health Slater jumped in the ring and said he was there wanting to enter the main event as the mystery spot for the title match. Rohit Raju came out and said he didn’t deserve a shot before him by just showing up. He brought up that Slater’s last title match didn’t last too long, referring to Slater getting squashed in seconds by WWE Champion Drew McIntyre on Raw a couple of weeks ago. He didn’t mention any of that by name. They got into a brief brawl and Slater sent him out of the ring.

Chris Bey won the X-Division Title from Willie Mack by raking his eyes when they brushed up against the referee and he then hit a crucifix driver followed up by his springboard cutter finisher for the pin.

Heath Slater reunited with Rhino backstage. Scott D’Amore used it as an excuse to put himself on TV again as the authority figure. He said Heath was still a free agent meaning he’s not under Impact contract. He said Heath would have to leave the building because it was a closed set with the virus pandemic and no guests are allowed. Rhino told Slater not to worry and to show up to the weekly AXS TV show on Tuesday to figure things out. Slater is now using the name Heath Miller but they just kept calling Heath.

Impact World Tag Team Champions The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) beat Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock by pinning Shamrock after their double team finisher. This was a total cluster of a match as Shamrock and Callihan imploded. Shamrock had Alexander in the ankle lock but Page shoved Callihan into Shamrock to break it up. Of course Shamrock thought Callihan bumped into him on purpose. Callihan looked like he could have won the match after giving Alexander a piledriver but Shamrock let Page make the save to break up the pin. Shamrock accidentally kicked Callihan off of the ring shortly before the finish. Shamrock then did his dive to the outside but The North were well out of the way and he landed on a mat outside the ring.

After the match, The North bragged on the mic that they are the most dominant and greatest tag team in Impact of all-time. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin came out. They said you don’t need to remind people that you’re the best because people will tell you that you are. They said they were given a tag titles shot against The North to take place on AXS TV on Tuesday.

Gia Miller was backstage still hoping to talk to Gallows and Anderson. Rich Swann came out of a dressing room instead. He was on crutches still recovering from injury. He said he was there to support Willie Mack. He said he hopes to get a title shot when he’s cleared to return to action.

Deonna Purrazzo won the Knockouts Title by trapping both of Grace’s arms into an arm bar. This was the best match on the whole show so far and they brought much needed life and energy. Lots of fast paced action and suspense with Grace countering Purrazzo a few times at the start forcing Purrazzo to bail to the outside to collect herself. Purazzo tried different arm bar attempts throughout the match but Grace was able to fight it off. Unless something has changed this weekend, Purrazzo was still a freelancer and not under Impact contract.

The next Impact ppv is 10/24/20.

Rich Swann came out as the mystery person to enter the main event title match for the vacant Impact World Title. He came out dancing and threw his crutches to the floor.

The match was about to begin with Swann vs. Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Trey, but Eric Young returned to the company and entered himself in to make it a 5-Way Elimination Match.

The referee told Ace Austin to send Mad Man Fulton away from ringside as his corner man early on or else face getting disqualified. Austin agreed and made Fulton go to the back.

Eric Young pinned Trey after a piledriver for the elimination. Young was bleeding heavy over his right eye with a deep cut.

Young power bombed Swann into Austin and Edwards fighting on the top rope to send them crashing down through a table on the floor.

Swann pinned Young to eliminate him after blocking a pile driver attempt. Young gave Swann a chop block and attacked his leg with a chair afterwards. Referees came out send Young to the back.

Ace Austin pinned an “injured” Swann with The Fold for the elimination.

Eddie Edwards pinned Ace Austin with the Die Hard to win the match and the vacant title.

Mad Man Fulton came out right after the match and attacked Edwards from behind.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows finally came out. They teased joining Austin and Fulton but it was a swerve. They beat them up and then celebrated with Edwards.

A video of EC3 appeared on screen to end the show.

This wasn’t a good show and certainly not worth the $40. The Knockouts Title match is the only thing worth checking out.

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