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Impact Wrestling Results 7/21/20: Slammiversary Fallout

Written by Shannon Walsh

Impact Wrestling on AXS TV results from Nashville, Tennessee on 7/21/20 (taped a couple of days ago):

The show opened with a video message from EC3 talking about challenging authority and controlling your own narrative. He said he was here in the moment tonight and warned everyone in Impact Wrestling. 

Madison Rayne is back on commentary with Josh Mathews. Don Callis only does the pay-per-views. Mathews and Rayne have become popular with fans and they have a great husband and wife chemistry. They never fully acknowledge that they’re married on TV, but they make insider references assuming insider fans know.

X-Division Champion Chris Bey pinned Willie Mack after the springboard cutter in a rematch from Slammiversary.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson made their way to the ring as the show went to a commercial break.

Gallows and Anderson cut an in-ring promo. They put themselves over for helping Slammiversary trend on Twitter on Saturday and plugged their own Talk ‘N Shop A Mania pay-per-view on FITE TV on 8/1/20. They were going to drink beer in the ring but were interrupted by Ace Austin and Mad Mad Fulton. Austin demanded an apology from them for beating them up at the end of Slammiversary.

Austin said Anderson and Gallows aren’t into apologies and he and Fulton aren’t into beer. He and Fulton tried to brawl with them but it backfired and they were quickly thrown from the ring. Gallows and Anderson stood tall in the ring as Mathews plugged their 8/1/20 ppv.

Heath Slater showed up backstage. A stagehand asked him for his name to see if he was on the guest list. Heath said his name is Heath and he used to have a last name but he’s not allowed to use it now. The stagehand said he wasn’t on the list. Heath was confused and upset. He brought out his cellphone to try to straighten it out with the assumption he was calling Rhino for help. The cameras cut to Rhino arguing with Hernandez elsewhere backstage to set up a match for later.

Chris Bey was celebrating with two women and champagne in a dressing room. Rohit Raju walked in and congratulated him. Raju offered to form an alliance and replace Johnny Swinger to watch his back. When Raju walked out of the room, Bey questioned the women on who even allowed him to get in.

Havok and Nevaeh beat Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz by Disqualification. Havok was about to give Hogan a tombstone pile driver for the win but Steelz came in and hit her in the back with a chair. It had no effect on Havok and she still held Hogan in position. Nevaeh got control of the chair and dropped Steelz to the outside. Havok ended up giving Hogan the tombstone post-match. Mathews and Rayne talked heavily about the possibility of the Knockouts Tag Team Tag Titles returning so it’s happening.

Sami Callihan argued with Ken Shamrock about losing against Impact Tag Team Champions The North on Saturday. Shamrock told him he was mad about too and said they could continue the conversation next week. He stormed off in anger.

RVD and Katie Forbes cut a backstage promo. RVD said a lot has changed recently but for the better. They never mentioned Joey Ryan and the Cancel Culture stable by name, but basically said they are back to their old selves. Forbes said normally fans have to pay on her website to see her body and photos but next week they will see her for free. They made out to end the segment.

Rhino pinned Hernandez in just a few seconds after the gore. This was set up as a “double or nothing” match bet with winner take all after their arm wrestling matches the last few weeks.

The North cut a promo backstage ranting about Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. They said people calling themselves the best tag team is a matter of opinion vs. facts and they’ll finally prove who’s the best later tonight.

A brief video teaser was shown of the former WWE jobber Curt Hawkins.

Promo clips of all the winners at Slammiversary aired. Moose, Kylie Rae, Deonna Purrazzo, The North, etc.

Gia Miller interviewed new Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo outside of Purrazzo’s dressing room. Purrazzo was cocky and confident. She said Jordynne Grace has a separated shoulder so it doesn’t look like there’s a rematch or a challenger now. An excited and friendly Kylie Rae walked up. She reminded Purrazzo that she was the winner of the #1 con. Gauntlet on Saturday so she’s the next challenger. Purrazzo offered her a handshake to try to lure her in the arm bar. Rae was able to fight her off and they brawled briefly before getting separated.

New Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards came out to the ring. He said something that has been missing from the company is stability. He said he wants to be a champion people in the back are proud of and fans at home are proud of. He said the last title defense was five months ago but he wants to defend it each week. Eric Young came out to interrupt and walked down on the ramp. Edwards yelled at him for injuring Rich Swann on Saturday. Young said Edwards doesn’t control what happens to the title and threatened him. Edwards did a dive from the ring on him and they too brawled briefly until they were separated.

Gia Miller did a backstage interview with self-proclaimed TNA World Champion Moose. He said he has the most prestigious championship in Impact and only people can get a shot at him by personal invitation. He said Fallah Bahh was invited tonight.

Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards backstage after the break. Edwards was pacing and angry after the altercation with Young. She asked him who his first challenger would be. He said they have the best roster. Trey walked up and asked for a shot next week. Edwards agreed.

Moose pinned Fallah Bahh after a rake of the eyes and the spear. EC3 appeared behind Moose immediately after the match and gave him a reverse DDT and then left the ring. Mathews stressed again that EC3 isn’t an employee.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were shown walking around outside. Ace Austin and Mad Man Fulton drove by. Ace taunted them. As Gallows and Anderson were distracted, Reno Scum tried to attack them but Gallows and Anderson fought them off with ease. Fulton and Austin sped off in fear.

A terrible comedy segment was shown of Rosemary and John E. Bravo on a date at a house. Bravo told her that he’s a virgin. Taya Valkyrie showed up and interrupted them. Rosemary was angry but bit back on her anger. She’s said “three’s a crowd unless it’s a party”. She then magically teleported much of the Impact roster into the room with them starting with Kylie Rae. It was like something out of the 1960’s sitcom “Bewitched”. Crazzy Steve laughed about the situation. A graphic showed up on screen that said “Wrestle House” was coming next week. This is likely the “funny” project that ring announcer Dave Penzer hinted at taping a few weeks ago.

Mathews and Rayne wondered what Wrestle House was all about. Gallows and Anderson vs. Reno Scum will also happen next week.

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley won the Impact Tag Team Titles from Ethan Page and Josh Alexander when Sabin rolled up Page for the pin as The North were going for their finisher and Shelley stopped Alexander from making the save.

After the credits, Heath Slater was shown sneaking back into the building with a smile on his face.

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