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I’m Rich Bitch (Hopefully). The House Just Approved a $2,000 Stimulus Payment

Good news coming from Washington, D.C. as the House of Representatives has just approved an increase of the original $600 stimulus to $2000 (as WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump demanded). However, the measure still has to go to the Senate for approval, which could be a problem with some of the tightwads in the Millionaire’s Club. The Washington Post is reporting:

The House on Monday voted to beef up stimulus checks set to go out to American households in the coming weeks from $600 to $2,000. The chamber acted swiftly after President Trump demanded the larger payments last week, but passage of the measure is uncertain because Senate Republicans have not unified behind the idea.

Ultimately, the money belongs to taxpayers and it’s more of a long-term loan than a gift as we (and/or future generations) will be paying it off. Whatever the case, many Americans are in desperate need of cash and it could be a good way not only to give the economy a jump-start but help out the needy rather than the greedy during the coronapocalypse.

Note: Please spend money responsibly rather than like a drunken sailor. Chances are if we are fortunate enough to get the two grand, we won’t be seeing any more TrumpBucks.

Avoid the temptation to try and live like a Pro Sports Extra reporter on “special assignment.”
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