I’m Not Body Shaming But What’s This?

Written by TrevStone

Apparently this is the new goal for some ladies?

I mean, I’m not here to body shame but I haven’t a clue who this lady is but oh my god. Her body looks like it cost a lot, but it didn’t work out for her. Those lips are about 10 times to big and the rest of her body? I mean you can tell for yourself. She had work done…. But from the wrong person.

Like I said, I’m not the type to body shame. I mean look at me:

Shame my body all you want I don’t care and hopefully that’s where this lady is at also. I mean to have that much surgery you must not care about what people think of you.

I mean this lady needs to have reverse treatment. She is literally walking around doing duck lips.

The comments are absolutely roasting this lady and I somewhat feel bad for her. But CMON WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!?

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