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I’m Giving You My NFL Week 3 FanDuel Lineup For Free Thanks To FanDuel | Let’s Win A Million Dollars This Season

Written by TrevStone

FanDuel honestly changed the game of fantasy sports for everyone. If you play any other DFF apps you’re missing out, quit those ones and jump over to the #1 daily fantasy sports apps. And if you don’t want to quit those, hell just sign up for FanDuel anyway and let’s win some money.

I’ve NEVER given my lineup’s away for free. You might remember three years ago, when I went on a hot string and ONE night brought in over $1,000 of profits on less than $100 played. Could that happen again this week? Hopefully.

I was planning on not giving out my TOP lineup, but I’m actually going to just that.  Enter this in 50/50 lineups, and double ups as well as your featured match-ups.

I’ve always been a believer of attempting to double up every week. Let’s say RIGHT now you sign up for FanDuel enter $5, and get your free $20, you’ll have $25 to play! If you double that up every week including the post season that’s a shit ton of money…

(1st week: $25 – $50, 2nd week: $50-$100, 3rd week: $100-$200, 4th week: $200-$400, 5th week: $400-800, 6th week: $800-$1600, 7th week: $1600-$3200, 8th week: $3200-$6400, 9th week: $6400-$12800, 10th week: $12800-$25,600, 11th week: $25,600-$51,200, 12th week: $51,200-$102,400, 13th week: $102,400-$204,800, 14th week: $204,800-$409,600, 15th week: $409,600-$819,200, 16th week: $819,200-$1,638,400, 17th week: $1,638,400-$3,276,800.)

Now three million dollars would be pretty nice, we can’t guarantee it’ll happen.. But if you don’t play you have 0 chance. Now who knows if this will actually happen but that’s the goal right? Double up every weekend in DFF. Let’s play a NEW “who wants to be a millionaire” but on FanDuel. Hell, it makes sense anyway. I believe we could do it.

Sign up on this link and I’ll provide you 1 LINEUP every week – for the rest of the NFL season.

If you already have FanDuel well, I’m sorry. You’re going to have to pay after this week, but legit… $1 and you can pay per-week. That’s how simple it is.

All you have to do is Venmo me $1 a week to @TrevUrenPSE and I will provide you with the password to the package page on this website!

Currently we are in week 3 and I’ve profited over $600! And one lineup I entered into a $5 one and won $400!

Anyway the reason you’re here, my week 3 lineup for free…

Now, seeing it’s free I don’t have to really explain myself. But honestly with Devin Cook is out for the Vikings and they’re playing the Bills. Murray will get first team snaps and I’m sure Kirk Cousins will be targeting his favorite receiver and our FLEX Stefon Diggs.

Goff has been a great pickup and he is pretty cheap for a quarterback that seems to be pretty proven. Expect him to dump the ball off to the best running back in the NFL in Todd Gurley and the most underrated wide-out *besides Kenny Golladay* in Cooper Kupp.

Our D# is the only scary thing. But listen.. They’re cheap. They’re going to make a couple of play’s this week and it’ll be worth it. Tyreek Hill has three touchdowns in two weeks and has 12 snags.

Devin Funchess is a cheap throw in, but expect Cam Newton to throw to Funchess twice this week for touchdown’s.

Jared Cook has been outstanding this season, and in Green Bay a couple years ago he seemed like a stud. Expect Raiders coach Jon Gruden to use Cook basically as a WR.

Well, that’s our lineup. Let’s make some money this week!

Reminder: Enter these into double ups, 50/50, and if you’re feeling good tournaments.

If you want even more info on who to pickup this week listen into In It To Win our NEW Daily Fantasy Football show sponsored by guess who, FanDuel. It is LIVE Sunday at 11AM. You can listen here.

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