If You’re Looking for Something to do From Your Bunker, Check Out the PLL Entry Draft Tonight | @PremierLacrosse

Written by tRy25

That’s right, the PLL Entry Draft is happening LIVE on Twitter dot com. You don’t have to subscribe or stream anything. You don’t have to search through march madness games that aren’t being played on TV but are still listed for some reason. You can just grab yourself a beer and fire up Twitter to see coaches make their picks in live time.

Chances are you’re bored as hell right now. Maybe on a normal Monday night you have something else going on. Maybe your Men’s league team has a playoff game, or maybe you hit the bar for $.25 wings, or you’re watching the Bachelor snuggled up next to your significant other with a glass of wine in one hand and tissues in the other. Well, you can’t do any of that anymore so you might as well follow along with the second annual PLL Draft.

Here’s the order of tonight’s draft.

There’s going to be plenty of drama in the first round. The Waterdogs have already filled most of their roster from the Expansion Draft. Will be interesting to see if they go for a kid out of college or a veteran legend like Rob Pannell. The poor Chaos got ripped by the ping pong balls, jumping all the way down to 7, being jumped by the Whipsnakes and Redwoods.

I’ll be live tweeting/reacting/overreacting tonight and if you want to follow along you can follow me @T_Ry25_

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