If You Weren’t Excited For March Madness Before, Watch This Video And You Will Be

Written by Will

Congrats to whoever runs the March Madness twitter page. You just did the impossible. This got me even more excited for the NCAA Tournament which I didn’t think was possible. One of the best parts of the whole tournament is at the end when they play “One Shining Moment.” It always recaps how amazing the tournament just was. Well these bastards made the greatest “One Shining Moment” video ever. A recap of all the best moments in history of the tournament with that song behind it? Doesn’t get any better.

Inject that video into my veins. It shows why college hoops are the best. It has been over 700 days since the last time we saw a NCAA Tournament game. Tonight we have the first four, followed by games all day tomorrow. Welcome back March Madness, you have ben missed dearly.

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