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If You Miss Out On Rough N Rowdy 15 You’re In Bananaland, It Has Something For The Whole Family

Rough N Rowdy is one of my favorite boxing/sporting events out there. Even if I wasn’t a fan of Barstool I’d still be a avid RNR fan. There’s great knockouts, hilarious commentary/interviews, great storylines and just pure entertainment. I mean it’s in West Virginia, the heart of rednecks. They might be insane but boy them rednecks will fight their hearts out, a lot of them scare me honestly and I feel like I can fight.

One of the three big fights is Supreme Patty Vs Danrue, most people know them from vine I guess. Supreme Patty is probably more well known but he’s also a fucking clown, he’s such a cringe human being but with that though he seems a bit bigger than his opponent Danrue. Danrue is an influencer/dancer/comedian I would say, I honestly don’t know what he does much but I’ve never thought he’s super cringe and he’s friend in his videos are funny so im guessing he’s the fan favorite. If we were doing betting odds though based off how they look Patty would definitely be the favorite but I, along with many other hope he gets knocked out.

This next fight is gonna be good and I’m hype for this one. Chef Donny from Barstool called out a tik toker, QCP. Now I’ve never heard of this guy and I don’t really have anything against him but he seems a bit try hard with the Italian gimmick he has and the lil shirt off thing. It probably impresses girls but cmon yo that shit is kinda cringe and no im not at all jealous of his physique…. Yeah anyways he’s in good shape but Chef Donny has the best trainer in Billy Football. You see the tweet, Billy has Donny chopping wood and chasing chickens like this is Rocky. I know they are also getting the technique right and all too so I feel like he’s gonna be set. The muscles aren’t scary it’s the heart, work ethic and mindset and that boy Donny has all three. I say it’ll end in a KO 1st round.

This main event, this is gonna blow things out of the water. Bobby Laing Vs Adam “Pacman” Jones, what a fucking fight this is going to be. On one hand we have 5-0 RNR heavyweight champion Bobby Laing, the guy is mean in that ring and can put people down. On the other hand though we have for NFL Superstar Pacman Jokes, he’s tough as a gold brick and he’s fought for fun all his life. This is a tough one to judge honestly since we haven’t seen Pacman fight in a ring, now we’ve seen him whoop ass in an airport and do his thing but can it relate to the ring? We know Bobby Laing is good in that ring but I don’t think he’s fought anyone that’s a tough as nails fighter like Pacman Jones. It’s a close one to call but I say Pacman gets the KO, it’s a bit surprising but I think he’s got it in him. Besides the fight is one week after Bobby Laings wedding so he’s not gonna be fully there. Make sure you don’t miss this event it’s going to be so fucking worth it.

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