Sometimes hindsight can sting a little bit. I know as I write this article, it bothers me as well. With the recent fascination and upward swing of Dogecoin in the crypto market, I thought it might be fun to look back at Doge’s initial price release and compare it to its record high price. I’ve sent put more than a $1,000 into Dogecoin, but then I thought….”what if?”

What if, in October of 2014 I bought Dogecoin. What if I gambled on it? I’m a gambler. I have no problem going to a casino and betting on instincts to try and win a few extra bucks. It’s fun, you get a rest, and if I lose it, so be it. I can always make more money.

But why? Why on earth did I not gamble on Dogecoin when it first hit the open market? I had no problem betting on Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. All of those paid dividends and still are today. But Dogecoin, I just assumed it was a joke. And it was a joke. But then it became a joke with some momentum. Even as it picked up steam, I just laughed it off. Now, I regret it like hell.

Dogecoin in October of 2015 was trading $0.0004. If I had just taken $1,000 and put it into Dogecoin, I would have had 2,500,000 Dogecoin tokens. Earlier this week at Dogecoin’s height at $0.44, I could have sold it all. And how much would I have made?

Yeah, you read that right. $1,000,000. Technically, it would have been $1,100,000 but it’s not easy finding a $1,100,000 bill on Google. But you get the point. Seven years ago, you could have invested $1,000 into a silly little cryptocurrency that wasn’t expected to be anything but a joke and been a millionaire if you sold it all at its height this past week.

That’s why if I were you, I’d invest in Dogecoin now. So if it ever does climb to meteoric heights, we can all laugh at the fools that didn’t get in on it when we did.

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