If You Buy Madden 22 You Don’t Value Your Money

Written by EricLyonsTV

Anybody who buys this game is a complete fool. Madden has been consistently bad for about 10 years now and they continue to finesse $60-$70 out of the people’s pockets every year. EA has been robbing football video games blind only because they’re the only ones with a football game. If someone like 2K were to drop a football simulation game it would be curtains for Madden. I don’t care what so called upgraded they made to franchise mode I’m still not buying it. The only thing different about this game and last year’s game is the roster. I’ve seen nothing but bad reviews all week from the Madden trials EA sent out before it’s release on Friday.

A defense turns invisible in Madden.
Madden still handing out online losses for connection failures.

My online record in Madden 21 was insane and 85% of my losses came from connection failure games even when I was winning. That’s just something I can’t be apart of, this game sucks.

The biggest thing for me is presentation. I hate 2K for many reasons but still buy it because I love how it feels like a real NBA game. NHL? Feels like real hockey. Madden’s presentation from intros to the same Super Bowl celebrations doesn’t feel authentic at all. The only way they’ll change is if we stop giving them money and make them fix this game. Until we do that they will continue to push out uninspired content.

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